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    Fire Grill SteakHouse and Lounge Bar
    Food over Fire A Bar with a Twist!

    Chef Bobo Bergström, Chef and owner of the famous The Edge Restaurant just opened this casual, cozy Grill and Lounge Bar. A modern, affordable and family friendly more-than- steak house where you cannot only enjoy highest quality meats but also local fish and seafood, salads, soups and much more. All food is cooked over fire and with Chef Bobo’s well known standards of quality.

    In the comfortable and contemporary lounge bar you can relax in soft leather sofas enjoying a superb cocktail, a glass of wine or taste the largest rum selection on the island. Add to this weekly live jazz and blues entertainment for the perfect place to start or finish a fantastic evening or spend an entire night in good company!

    Now also the only steakhouse serving dry aged Certified Black Angus beef to our own specifications.

    Fire Grill SteakHouse and Lounge bar is conveniently located in the middle of Rodney Bay Village, opposite Royal St.Lucian Hotel on the Reduit Beach Avenue.


    Steaks, fish seafood grill, contemporary casual dining, lounge bar live entertainment, family friendly

    Seating capacity (aprox.)70 p a la carte, 110 p functions plated, 350 p cocktail party buffet style. Excellent for larger groups and functions

    Opening hours

    Dinner: daily 6pm – 11pm | Bar until 1am



    Price range (in US$) Appetizers 6-115 Main course: XCD 29-55, Desserts 10-12

    Executive Chef

    Bobo Bergström

    Restaurant manager

    Peter Byrne


    Jazz on The Grill, 6 day live jazz 1st week May Eurobbean Food & Music Festival


    Bobo and Annika Bergström


    Tel +1 758 451 4745, fax +1 758 451 4746
    Email: firegrill@gmail.com

    Food over Fire & Bar with a Twist!

    Meat is good food and good for you!

    Fire Grill & Lounge Bar, St Lucias premiere Steakhouse offers the islands largest selection of beef and other meat. Many of us often has that craving for a steak, but how to choose the right one ?

    When it comes to select your meat from the menu it can be rather challenging, confusing and some times disappointing if you don't have the knowledge. Will it be tough? Is it fatty? Will it be dry and boring? The questions are many and I will try to explain and give you a few simple tips to select the right piece for you.

    Grading and quality check.

    There are not much hocus-pocus selecting meat especially beef, you normally get what you pay for. Some times you get pleasant surprises such as an inexpensive smoked, slow cooked brisket. There are very good grading standards used by the meat producers to guide us in our choices In the United States, where most of our beef here in St. Lucia originate from, there are strict quality grading standards ruled out by the USDA. The highest grade is Prime next grade is Choice and below that is Select. There are lower grades but we don't need to go in to that. About 2% of the US beef is Prime and very expensive, in St. Lucia we don't have prime other than some special cuts like flat iron or similar.

    The major difference between the grades are the quality of marbling, i.e intra-muscular fat. The more marbling the juicier and more tender the meat. The fat should be firm and have an appetizing white color and the meat it self should be pleasant cherry red. Don't be thrown-off if the meat is dark, dark red, it is a natural oxidation and not a sign of bad meat. The muscle fibre on any animal does not taste much by it self, the fat is where the flavor and the difference flavor is coming from.

    The way the cattle is slaughtered and the aging and the hygiene of the meat is also very important for the quality. A stressed animal can either contain too much lactic acid and you get a pale, soft and "wet" meat or the muscle can become glycogen depleted from the stress or lack of food and you get a hard, dark dry meat. Most of our local meat come from stressed animals and the hygiene standards are almost none exciting and the meat is only good for stew and well done. That is why Fire Grill and other better restaurants use high standard imported meat such as fresh Certified Black Angus Beef. The imported meat is of course expensive but on the other hand the highest hygiene standards and methods of slaughter guarantee a superb flavor and tenderness, you get what you pay for! "It is expensive to buy cheap", as my grandfather always said.

    Select your piece.

    There are many different beef cuts, as a rule of thumb you can say the meat on the front half of the cattle is more tough than the back of the animal. As meat are muscles it is simple to explain, a muscle that work a lot is more tough than a muscle that rest more and the majority of the weight of most animals are concentrated to the front half. The muscles on the neck such as chuck works constantly to hold the heavy head upright and are especially tough and only good for ground beef. The most tender part you can order is the tenderloin, or fillet if you like. Tthis little muscle is located inside and furthest back along the spinal core, next to the kidneys and is resting most of its life.

    From this muscle we cut fillet mignons, tournedos and fillet steak. If the tenderloin is unarguably the most tender cut, the rib-eye is the pick for most meat connoisseurs for its flavour. It is not as tender as the previous cut but the beautiful fat eye separating the muscles of that cut is the reason for its appreciated juiciness and flavor. Somewhere in between these two, both when it comes to price and tenderness I like to place the strip loin, or strip steak. This is one of the most popular cuts and a choice grade strip loin with a little bit of the fat still remaining for juiciness is almost always great value for money. There are also many other cuts., old and new. The meat industry are working on many new and interesting cuts, the flat iron steak, cut from the shoulder blade is one and it is the second most tender cut of beef and another fantastic new piece is called hanging tender. Top sirloin but and tri-tip are two other good cuts not commonly used in steakhouses around the world.


    First of all meat is juicer and less dry if it is fresh. Even thou result can vary depending how the meat is defrosted it will always loose liquid in the process. In difference from other steakhouses on the island, at Fire Grill we never freeze the meat we receive fresh. When it comes to flavour the brisket is a clear winner closely followed by the short rib. These cuts are very tough and therefore inexpensive and requires long cooking times. At Fire Grill we dry rub and slow cook these cuts for about 6-8 hours in a Texas style barbeque smoker loaded with mesquite wood. This gives a melt in your mouth tender and flavour loaded meat with bang for the buck. Look for the smoke ring, the 3-4 millimetre pink ring around the outside of the meat is a proof the meat has been slow cooked in a smoker. It is the result from the chemical reaction between the color pigment myoglobin in the meat and oxygene when it reacts with the nitrogen in the smoke., Yummy!

    The old way of creating perfect quality meat is known as dry aging. It is done by storing the meat open in a controlled, closely watched, refrigerated environment to allow natural enzymes to breakdown the hard connective tissue in meats and for water to evaporate away concentrating the flavor, the intense meat experience of dry age beef is beautiful. Fire Grill offer two cuts of dry age beef specifically aged to my own requirements, the exact time for the ageing is my secret but it is approximately 19 day's.

    We love Meat, we love our job!

    Chef Bobo Bergstrom
    Executive Chef and Owner
    Fire Grill and Lounge bar
    The Edge Restaurant

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    We grill, you enjoy...

    Fire Grill & Lounge Bar opened its doors in September 2008 where I have intended to complement my upscale fine dining at The Edge Restaurant. This “more than a steak house” invites locals and visitors to meet over a perfectly grilled steak or fresh seafood dish, or share a soothing cocktail in a relaxed, yet classy and family friendly atmosphere.

    The culinary concept is a modern twist on “Food over Fire” with an emphasis on local ingredients combined with classic European techniques. We offer superior fresh Certified Angus Beef ® quality Char-grilled beef, meats and seafood. In addition we offer slow cooked genuine Texas style bbq from our massive cast-iron smoker as well as extra aged beef by my own secret specifications in controlled ageing storage environment. The well selected wines are kept chilled in our air-conditioned wine room to ensure your best drinking temperatures for red and white wines.

    Of course it’s not all about the cuisine; my staffs are one of the most important components to our collective success. We try to foster a guest service that is beyond expectations. This is not always easy but it’s definitely our goal. Our aim is constant improvement and please post a note on Tripadvisor® if you like what we do.

    Enjoy your meal and we are already looking forward to seeing you return to Fire Grill & also visiting.

    The Edge Restaurant Bar & Sushi

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    The Grill as it is known


    Reviewed 23 May, 2012.

    Delicious food. Great location. Beautiful atmosphere . Amazing service from Sue! Will definitely be back ! ( would recommend the potato gratin - spectacular !)

    “Dinner during the jaz festival”

    Reviewed 10 May, 2012.

    If your going to eat out in Rodney Bay and like surf and turf this is the place. Great service, Great food. We were lucky enough to turn up during the jazz festival so had entertainment and a busy fun atmosphere too, not to say its not worth going even with this added extra. This place was recommended to me from a friend who had previously been and I would recommend to anyone after some dinner in Rodney Bay – It's a must. :-)

    “Great Grill in Rodney Bay”

    Reviewed 26 April, 2012.

    Being from Texas we pride ourselves on grilling. Let's just say that Fire Grill can put a lot of Texans to shame. We had the ribs and steak kabob and both were cooked to perfection. The ambiance was good and the waitstaff attentive. The wine by the glass choices better than most. Well worth the cost.

    “Good BBQ, Best Steak”

    Reviewed 7 March, 2012.

    The Atmosphere at Fire Grill is great! Outside seats, formal dinner seating and a great bar area. At the bar, they had all of the drinks I normally drink in Texas. (which alot of the other bars did not) The staff was very nice. They even offered me to sample some of the their new BBQ they will be selling soon, you know being from Texas and all.

    The ribs were great. I had the steak for dinner and it was the best Steak I have had in the Caribbean so far. Comparable to a Chop House steak or Ruth Chris. Great time.

    Reservations recommended

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